Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 39

I think I will count today as day 39 even though a trip to the dentist cut out most of the day.

I read 3 chapters of Snow Treasure to Kieron, while he exercised. That brings us up to Chapter 25.

It looks like Sean is most of the way through the Collier Junior Classics: Stories of Sports and Adventures. The first story was a football one and I think that pulled him in.

I read several stories to Paddy.

We assembled a bookcase together so now there is a place downstairs to put the school books.

Hooray, Kieron only had one cavity in a baby tooth that is almost falling out, and Aidan, who has never been to the dentist before (long, involved story) only has two teeth that need attention. He also did superbly well coping with going off to get his teeth Xrayed -- considering that this is a kid with severe oral defensiveness, who was G Tube fed until only a couple of years ago.

And Clare helped me make dinner.

Brendan is finished reading the first of the Christendom series by Warren Carroll.

Clare, Kieron, Aidan, and Paddy played an involved cowboy-western game/movie. Yes, Clare is 17 but she has a great older-sister talent for getting imaginary play going.

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