Friday, October 26, 2007

Afternoon Learning Log -- Friday

With the visit to the local Pumpkin Patch (a small production at the local Color Growers, but a nice little seasonal interlude on this beautiful WARM autumn day, and the little ones got to pick out a pumpkin) -- then the Halloween/All Souls Day party at the church with the homeschool group, we rounded out this last day of the week.

I was tired out and a bit ill today and pumpkin patches and parties weren't exactly what I would have ordered, but as I drove home in the gathering dusk with a car full of happy younger children, with my teenage daughter singing to Big River, I was glad we had gone.

Later on I talked with a homeschooling friend on the phone.

I read another chapter of The Secret Cave to Kieron and Paddy, and then Paddy fell asleep, while Kieron got into a conversation with me about heaven and hell and "hearts' desire".

A nice ending to a rather scattered, slow yet still nice homeschool week. After all, autumn is meant to be a harvesting season. Perhaps there is more value than I always see right away in the days of slowly gathering and sifting and storing.

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