Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day 34


  • Algebra ch 4 lesson 4
  • Latin -- matching cards
  • Greek
  • Vocabulary
  • Logic -- I've started him on a habit of reading the day's work and then answering the questions.
  • Mere Christianity
  • King Solomon's Ring
  • Clean room

  • Math
  • Latin -- other half of exercise 21
  • Greek
  • Handwriting
  • Tidy area
  • Thinking Skills -- no, never mind -- Kieron was putting up a bit of a fuss because he had delayed schoolwork and wasn't going to get to eat his treat until he was done, so I sent him out to fill a box with kindling instead, on the theory that learning is a privilege.

Aidan and Paddy
  • pink Montessori cards -- they both did great but Paddy doesn't know the sounds as well as Aidan does!

A couple of discussions about various things -- I ought to keep notes at the time so I don't forget!

I helped Clare with geometry.

Brendan and I had a great discussion about history last night -- he has read Warren Carroll's book about the Communist Revolution, plus Modern Times, and watched The War, so he knows a lot about the subject.

I have been researching literacy theory.


  1. Willa
    May I ask what you recommend for logic?

  2. We have been using Traditional Logic. for middle school and up. It is quite dry but I like the way it incorporates study skills and I haven't found anything better.

    Critical Think Co has nice (though expensive) resources which I've used.

    With Good Reason is a college text, but high schoolers could use it -- it is about informal fallacies.