Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Afternoon Learning Log

Afternoon Learning Log 10-17

Aidan has been on a creative spree. First he "made coffee" using my little espresso percolator. Then he wanted to paint, so I got out watercolors and he painted on a couple of coloring sheets the SLP gave him.

Then he wanted to do something strange -- I forget what, but he was getting kind of mad about it -- so I brought out the playdough and he has been playing with that for the last hour. Paddy played a bit with him but then left.

Aidan also gathered kindling today.

Brendan, after talking to me about history for quite a while, he is now talking to Clare about movies. He read Warren Carroll's Communist Revolution book and is now reading Founding of Christendom.

Sean is at football practice.

I read a Frog and Toad story to Patrick and all the BOB books he could find.

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