Monday, October 15, 2007

Day 33

Emily at Real Learning has lesson plans for a Math Main Lesson -- to last about 3 weeks -- I would like to do something like this sometime so am filing it for future reference.

Today we have several errands plus a visit from the Occupational Therapist, so it was a quick schoolday.

I am going to type out the checklist I gave Kieron for today -- there is an asterix beside the ones he did:


Math *
Greek *
Handwriting *
Latin *
Thinking Skills *

Weekly Jobs -- #3 *

Choose one and check off:
Drawing Book *
Coloring Reptiles
Coloring in HIstory of Swords

Choose two and check off
Following Christ *
Columbus *
Knights of Our Lady

Sean did the usual basics and his weeklies -- no extra reading.

For Aidan, I took the first lesson for Alphaphonics: am, ax, an, at
I wrote them down on cards and did the second period of a Montessori 3-period lesson -- asking him to pick the right one -- so, I'd say "at" and he chose. At first I'd only give him 2 choices, then I started giving him all four. He did great! I tried to have him use the moveable alphabet to form the words. That is more difficult, presumably because of his motor processing issues -- always much better at reception than at expression.

He loved the choosing game so we will keep doing that. It was a bit of a breakthrough, the first in reading for some time.

I think I could try having him write out the words -- my hand guiding his, at first, or maybe have him trace the letters from a grayscale?

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