Saturday, September 08, 2007

School Year Ticker

If you look at my sidebar, you'll see I took the "Savings" ticker from Ticker Factory to use to count the "school days" of the year. Yes, we learn all the time, but this is a loose way to keep track of where we are in the course of things with our formal academics. This is where I feel like I'm not quite an unschooler, but another way to think about it is as simple logistics -- helping me keep my brain on track, which is useful no matter what kind of schooling I'm doing.

It looks funny to see "ten saved, 170 to go" but then none of the other tickers seemed to be able to count the way I wanted them to -- the "event" tickers just count down by date and that's not what I want.


  1. Hi! You're back! I need to get one of those school year tickers. ;-)

  2. Your tickler is cute.

    I made one for myself. I didn't know what to tickler for thought.

    I like the "days of school"
    maybe I'll try another one :-)