Sunday, September 09, 2007

Studying History for a Middle Schooler

On the principle that I don't usually know what I'm doing until I write it out..

We aren't doing Ancient Greece this year but here is what I wrote out in answer to a question about how people used Famous Men of Greece:

We had the Greenleaf Guide, so we talked about some of the discussion questions and also had a list of supplementary readings. The Mater Amabilis ancient history booklist has some suggestions for further reading. (here too

Also, you can do mapwork and keep a timeline or century book.

There are some ancient Greece activities but they might be a bit young for your 7th grader.... I also used some of the Dover coloring books but this was for younger kids.

some maps here

Basic timeline here

More links here

I hope this isn't throwing too much at you. We usually focused on reading, and discussion or narration, choosing a few topics (like Athens compared to Sparta) to focus on a bit more closely by doing some additional researching.

(Also, adding here that I would google for clipart on the individual characters and events, and I would look for study questions like these ones and probably read some primary sources like an actual Life of Plutarch and possibly a bit of Herodotus).

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