Saturday, September 08, 2007

Interim Over

I'm back now.

The kids apparently did keep up with their Greek and Kieron is just about finished with book One (easy stuff, mostly learning to write the letters and get familiar with their look and sounds).

Kieron has been reading the Bantry Bay series and rereading the THornton Burgess books.

He is trying to make his own fishing pole (from a book called Secret Spaces and Hideaway Places).

Not sure about Sean's reading. His leg continues to be a bother and he is going to go for an MRI as soon as we can get it approved.

Tonight I read Paddy: a Noddy book (8 chapters), Hermit Crab, and Madeline. I am thinking I will look for those Dragon books -- by Ruth Stiles Gannet. They are around the house somewhere and probably just about right for a little boy who will sit through a Noddy book for the 20th time and whose Mom is ready to travel outside of Toyland for a change.

He asked me what the word was that looked a lot like Paddy. It was Noddy : ). I showed him that Teddy had that shape and look too. So obviously he's following a bit with his eyes when I'm doing that line-skimming with my finger that he requests.

We will start homeschool proper next Monday. I am not counting this as a Day, but I will probably count last week as 2 days towards our total because they did keep up the minimal work level.

In Alaska, Brendan got to see several microclimates, and be around the Alaskan variety of trees, mountains and clouds (very distinct from our high Sierras). He took some photos. He read Jane Eyre, an Agatha Christie, and is now reading a book about the Communist Revolution, plus The Elusive Pimpernel.

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