Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Afternoon Learning Log -- day 13

We did go to the library and playground. The Direct TV guys didn't come, but we had a nice musical evening with Mozart, My Fair Lady and Louis Armstrong (eclectic!).

Kieron read the Usborne Drawing Spaceships and Drawing Aliens and Robots books, and is looking forward to trying them out for art tomorrow(which is always nice). Clare got into the Murder on the Midnight Plane book and tried to solve the puzzles. Then Paddy got into the Drawing Aliens book.

He made another beanie baby battle "movie".

I read him several stories -- he is spending a lot of time poring over books on his own -- nearly 40 minutes on a Tintin comic yesterday.

Brendan is reading a book about the Greek and Roman world and we had an interesting political, civic and historical discussion. He is also rereading several of his tree books (inspired by the visit to Alaska)

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