Thursday, September 13, 2007

Day 14

Sean goes off to his room in the mornings and works at his Greek and vocabulary. Then he comes out to do his algebra and Latin with me; by that time I'm usually done with making breakfast and having my cup of coffee.

Today I was reading to Paddy.

Sean went on to read Creator and Creation (which he narrated) and Drawing.

After that Kieron did Greek, Math (place value), Latin (more on accusative case, which he understood better today). He has almost finished reading Once upon a Time Saints, so I'm counting that as religion for today, too -- and he narrated bits spontaneously. One thing about "assigning" reading is that they seem to feel a link between me and the book and themselves, and are likely to enter on a dialogue about the book to me.

(I forgot to mention yesterday that Kieron also read a cute book called Return of the Dragon about a dragon that gets converted by an Irish saint and then returns to his Welsh homeland to try to make up for his past evil deeds. I do not think Michael O'Brien would like this book).

For Paddy and Aidan, since we've had restless moments in the past few days, I brought out Horizon Maths and what Aidan calls "Quia" (Kieron's MCP math). This kept them busy for some time. (here is an interesting article about older siblings keeping younger ones occupied productively)

Clare had the idea of starting a pirate movie for Nat'l Talk Like a Pirate Day next week, so a good energy filled the air as everyone ran around getting dressed in costume. Aidan was thrilled, but now seems to have had a backlash and is wandering around restlessly. The others are still happily engaged though.

I have been working behind the scenes on planning past the basic 3Rs plus classic languages. Rereading Latin Centered Curriculum and will probably try to read more of the Thomas Jefferson Education Home Companion.

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