Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The Thrifty Homeschooler has some posts going up about a Charlotte Mason education and frugality.

This is an interesting one about narration.

I experimented quite a bit with narration last year -- of course, we've done it through the years but I was always hesitant and ambivalent about "required narrations". I think last year helped me get past that block, or perhaps my present set of kids are more OK about narrating. But this year I'm thinking of just forming a habit of narrating one or two more steep and challenging books, rather than trying to do all of them.

One of my goals for Aidan is to start him on the process of narrating, and I imagine Paddy will be following right along -- he already spontaneously narrates his favorite read-alouds, which none of my other kids really did.

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