Sunday, August 26, 2007

Progress Notes

A couple of weeks ago we got a new car, a bright red SUV which seats seven. As a consequences, Aidan has rediscovered his old fire engine, which has roughly the same shape and color as the Dodge Durango.

He found an old play house of Clare's which has been neglected for so long that I had it in the Goodwill pile.

So at first he was playing the game "driving the Durango into the garage."

A bit later he discovered that the back hatches open just like it does on the Durango. So he stuffed a couple of duplo blocks in the back, which is exactly what Kevin does when he drives to town to go shopping.

Today he discovered while washing the real Durango, that there is a spare tire under the carriage of the car. So now he has put a broken yo-yo, that is shaped like a tire, in the back of his firetruck.

All evening he has been saying, "The coolers are in the back of the car. We're going to Costco." and "Now we're going to Mass," and "It's time to go to college to see Liam." He came up pretending to hold things in his arms and said, "Where does the chicken go? Where do the eggs go?" I realized he was imitating his siblings who ask when they are unloading the groceries.

It is nice to see this....pretend play getting more and more sophisticated.

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