Sunday, August 26, 2007

Learning Log -- Weekend

Sean had his football game yesterday right after Mass at our "station church". He attended though he did not play because of his injury. Clare went too. Kevin filmed the game and we watched it together after they got home.

Today, Sunday, I talked to Liam in the afternoon -- he called from campus. Lots of news about the first week of junior year.

Then Kevin and the three younger boys washed and waxed the car.

Then I took them to the lake for a couple of hours, and we had a late supper (burgers and bbq chips).

Now Kieron is reading, Paddy is working on a gif animator, and Aidan is playing a game with his firetruck.

Clare, Brendan and Sean are talking -- engaged in one of their what-if conversations that go all over the place.

Clare is sewing a pirate costume for Sean. Sean and Kieron helped me do Clare's after-dinner jobs.

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