Monday, August 27, 2007

Day 5


Latin (exercise 8 of Henle)
He finished reading the Space Trilogy -- Perelandra and That Hideous Strength -- and is now reading David Copperfield.


Latin (Quia)
MCP Math
Thinking Skills F from Essential Learning Products (apparently OOP but from this series)
For science, he colored a salamander from the Peterson's field guide coloring book.


Wasn't interested in 100 Easy Lessons-- got halfway through lesson 16 -- tense morning for him. Started to do math but ran off when Paddy came to watch.
Later he found a card matching game based on short "e" and "o" CVC words. HE played that for a long time and matched all the cards.


Lesson 10 of 100ez lessons
Colored in the math book and helped me sharpen the colored pencils.
"P" in Handwriting without Tears.

Later I took the three youngers to the library. Then I took Aidan up to our granite ridge and he played a bit and seems happier now. He is outside playing right now.

Clare was sick today -- I don't know all that she did but I know she was reading Peggy Noonan's book about Ronald Reagan, and now she is watching the old BBC production of Pride and Prejudice.

Yesterday she finished Sean's pirate coat and today she is trying to sew a little girl's dress. She got stuck at one part and we spent a while trying to figure it out together.

Yesterday for teacher prep, I separated the Audubon bird cards for Aidan, and today I made a Kindergarten log form. I also looked through All Ye Lands and the CHC study guide for it. I may use it for Kieron along with some of Faith's booklist and also, there is a list of homescholars doing World Geography this year. I did one with Brendan back when he was in 6th but would have to dig through computer archives to find the details. But it was really fun.

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