Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day 6

A very light day as far as academics go.

Kieron did: Math, Greek, and Drawing. I'm not sure if he did Latin with Clare or not.

Sean did vocabulary, Greek and started reading Hedge School's Creator and Creation, but there we stopped. No math or Latin. He is making lots of progress on David Copperfield.

Paddy and Aidan, nothing...

We had appointments in town today -- Sean to see his uncle for rehab for the torn muscle, and then Aidan for GI Clinic. We dropped Sean off at practice and I stayed with them there. Aidan walked with me, and played with the glider and Tic Tac Tow board they gave him at the clinic. Our main road was closed because there is a fire going on above it (!! not too uncommon in the area we live in) and we had a spectacular view of the smoke and flames and the planes and helicopters coming to fight the fire.

The kids are watching Lost in Space now.

I spent more time making forms. This seems to be how I get myself organized ... by making up forms.

They are here:

(These ones have my kids' names on them)
Day Overview
Fall 2007 Overview (loosely based on Ambleside -- list of subjects for books with room for titles to put in)
(These ones are pretty simple, and no names)
Week Planner by subjects(a shaded box to put the weekly goals for each subject in, and then room underneath to put actual notes, and a final shaded box to put what actually got done in that subject)
Course Overview (room to put the different subjects, with resources used)

I am using Google Docs, and haven't yet figured out how to avoid the redundant titles...hm

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