Friday, August 03, 2007

Plans for the 3Rs.

So here is a list of the very core basics for my children:

MATH the 6th grader will use either Saxon 76 or Ray's Arithmetic. The 9th grader will use Jacob's Algebra. The special needs 1st grader will continue Horizons K Math with lots of manipulatives and activities. The pre-Ker will use activities from the Montessori preschool book.

Henle 1 for the 9th graders (review, then continue from lesson 15).
Latina Christiana 1 for the 6th grader, supplemented by Simply Grammar and various sentence construction activities.

continue Hey Andrew Teach Me Some Greek

READING: 100 Easy Lessons for the 1st grader, Montessori for him and the pre-Ker. For the others, reading is part of the rest of the curriculum.

WRITING: Handwriting without Tears for the 1st grader, preschooler, and 6th grader. Supplemented by copywork and narration. The 6th and 9th grader probably will use Classical Writing.

LOGIC: Traditional Logic for the 9th grader, Introduction to Logic for the 6th grader and maybe some Critical Thinking Press activities depending on how things go. Also, of course, games.

History and Science and Religion and Literature are still coming together. If I'm fairly organized about pinning down the core "skill" subjects, then it doesn't bother me much if we're looser about the content subjects since the kids pick up so much from incidental reading, conversations and movies.

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