Saturday, August 04, 2007

Learning Log for Friday

No formal academics.

We got to go to Homeschool Stations of the Cross for the first time in a couple of months. It was fun for the kids but they got tired out. Still not completely recovered.

Paddy listening to No Roses for Harry, Caroline and the Stag, Prince of the Stables, a Little Critter book, and A Snowy Day , Somebody's Dog, plus a few others I can't remember offhand-- that's eclectic, I would say. I started reading him an illustrated version of Men of Iron (at his request) but he couldn't get into it. Kieron grabbed it and read it, though. I think I will give Kieron some of the Howard Pyle books this year.

Kieron was playing with his Young Scientits's Club kit yesterday -- he wants me to help him do some of the experiments today so that is on my list of things to do.

Clare brought her violein and played it while the kids were playing after Stations. The other mom was impressed at how well she played after only 2 years and said she compared favorably to the high school string players. SInce I know so little about the violin that was good feedback.

Liam is progressing in Noad classical guitar.

Sean had football practice. He's pulled a hamstring but was in less pain yesterday and seemed in a happier mood. Football seems to take a lot out of him. I hope it will get easier as the season progresses.

I intend to start minimal academics the week that Liam leaves -- which is, I think, the 19th.

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