Friday, July 06, 2007

Re-arranging my blogs -- again

I've been thinking about this change for a while. This will make a total of no less than four public blogs, and that's a bit weird. But the daily learning notes I was doing last winter and spring on Every Waking Hour didn't really fit that blog. It made me feel like a split personality, going from detailed page number accounts to glimmers of insight on unschooling.

Having four blogs for different purposes also seems to indicate a split personality, but it's a bit different. The different blogs help me to focus on different things. This blog can be a repository for the lists and notes for recordkeeping and planning. Every Waking Hour can be more about those memorable moments or days or phases in a life of learning. In a Spacious Place has developed into more than simply a homeschooling blog. It's about the big picture. And Heart of Home is my online housekeeping and personal accountability zone.

There. Simple. Right?

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