Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday --

Kieron worked on his checklist last night so he could go to the market today. He did computer math and Latin, then we worked on grammar and Latin together, then he worked for quite a long time on Math Dojo -- math quests. Paddy did it too on the easier level, and is actually learning to count and sequence pretty well. He also knows the difference between less and more. Kieron had to write number sentences, which annoyed him -- he can solve a math story problem but doesn't know HOW he solved it/how to write it out.

For grammar we went over singulars and plurals -- first the concept (which he knew, so we skipped).... then exceptions to the normal "add s" rule.

Then we turned to Latin and I showed him the nominative singular and plural for the 1st dec and 2nd declension masculine -- we tried making various words into plurals. This is how we've been approaching it and it works so much better than just memorizing and following the worksheets. It is "pre-Henle" -- once he starts Henle it will seem easy to him at first.

Sean was reading and throwing the football all yesterday. It looks like he is reading Paul Mather. Kieron is rereading Seven Sleepers.

All four of the younger children played outside with Mr Tiki-Soaki for a very long time; all enjoyed themselves and all came in tiki-soakied. It worked out well since I needed them to change to wash their clothes for Ireland anyway.

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