Friday, July 06, 2007


Too hot to go down to homeschool group today. It was 111 degrees down in the valley and our car lacks air conditioning at present.

So instead I took the three youngest to the beach -- which has become an almost-daily habit in the past week or so. It is always cooler there and the water is endlessly enjoyable for them.

Sean had football camp this week and will have it again next week -- T/through Th, with a break for July 4th this week. The coaches are quite impressed with his throwing arm and talked about Trent Dilford and advised him to enroll. He told them he wanted to go the Independent Study route and one of them said they would look into that. It is still an open question whether he will be able to start as quarterback, because the coach's son is coming up and has played quarterback in the junior levels. But at least, Sean is happy he is not simply being type-cast as a wide receiver.

More on Sean's football over here.

Clare got Pirates of the Caribbean sheet music for the violin, including a CD which provides the orchestral background while the player plays the main part. I notice how good she is getting -- a few hours and she is playing most of the pieces quite well.

She has been in a music immersion ever since we came back from Ireland.... hours a day singing, playing the keyboard and the violin.

Brendan and I had a good talk yesterday. We even talked about prospective universities, pros and cons, including Univ of Oregon and Fresno State.

The heat (it's over 90 here and no air conditioning) has drained my energy.

Kieron is trying to make a Chao out of paper from a model he got online.

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