Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Day 29

Sean (14)

  • Algebra book 8 — we covered several pages today bringing us up to page 9
  • Quia Latin
  • Hey Andrew Greek book 3
  • Traditional Logic chapter 1


Kieron (11):

  • Math – Saxon 65 chapters 51-52
  • Latin proverb and paradigm
  • ASL — first couple of signs
  • Greek book 1
  • we talked about the Lent box and calendar and discussed how to use them.


More snow, so more shovelling of the deck. And Kieron and Sean took the little ones out sledding in the front since we have a LOT of snow since the weekend.

Strewing for Little Ones:

The Duplos and Megablocks, plus a little collection of toys gathered from around the house. When I find little miscellaneous items around the house (please don’t tell me this only happens to me! : )) I put them in a junk drawer or box. Every once in a while I sort through looking for game pieces or other things that are obviously part of a set (or I give this task to a child of the right age, which usually means Kieron).

But there’s still usually a lot of little orphan objects and these I put in little bags and bring out on a rotated basis. The little ones usually have a lot of fun sorting them and making impromptu games from the odds and ends. Works for me!

Aidan listening to Irish folk music in the kitchen : )