Thursday, March 01, 2007

Day 30

Because of the snow Aidan’s OT could not get in and Kevin didn’t feel comfortable about me driving out to go to Speech at the local school. So we’re snowbound today.

Slow day today — you would think that we could get a lot of academics done but so far no go, partly because I was on the phone talking to the therapists. Also, since it is the first day of the month I have been spending extra time doing “big picture” planning (more on that in a separate post).

Sean was buried in “Rolf and the Viking Bow”. Yesterday I gave him “Hakon of Rogan’s Saga” (by the same author as Samurai’s Tale which Brendan and I loved several years ago) and he has already finished that. So the Reading YOur Way Through History is going on apace and since he did so much math yesterday I suppose it will not be too important if we don’t get to it today.
The boys did some more shovelling, and played outside with the little ones for quite a while. Now they are walking with Kevin to the Post Office.

We did our weekly housekeeping. My laminator broke while I was laminating the Stations of the Cross and some more moveable alphabet cards for Aidan and Paddy : ( so I spent some time trying to fix it and also some time online pricing them. I really like my laminator!

Aidan and Paddy with the moveable alphabet

Yesterday after I journalled, Paddy and Aidan spent a long time on the V Tech Phonics and also a long time on the moveable alphabet pieces. Aidan still knows all the letter names and sounds and was “teaching” Paddy — oh, it’s nice when you can arrange that, for both of them. Paddy can do the spelling game on V Tech. It asks for the spelling of a word which is on the board. So in effect he is doing electronic copywork. Aidan still doesn’t get that, but he can pick out the vowels which actually seems a bit harder to me. He also knows the sounds better than Paddy does. Paddy can ALMOST do the “before and after” (which letter comes after a given letter) just by looking at the board but Aidan can’t, no matter how much we try to explain it to him. I’m trying to think up some game or activity to practice “before and after” since I guess it is rather a vague concept — can refer to sequential activities but in this case refers to a linear left to right progression which is sort of strange, come to think of it.

Aidan also played with the Child Sized Masterpieces for almost an hour yesterday, along with whomever he could get interested in them. He ended up wearing himself out! He got to a point where he could hardly see or talk, and finally I told him I was putting them away for now. This is not a euphemism for “had a meltdown” either — he stayed euphoric the whole time.

Aidan learning to fit papers in a binder — good praxis