Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Day 27-28

Strange to have writer’s block about my little homeschool cyber-journal. But there it is! I think it’s because I have been saying basically the same things every day, which is boring even to me …. must be VERY boring to read! Trying to get past that…. because it IS nice to look back on what we did on a given day or time in our lives, plus I always like reading other peoples’ “learning notes” journals.

Anyway, the past two days have been quiet. Lots of snow, starting on Sunday. Clare celebrated her 17th birthday yesterday! We went to Liam’s college to visit him and she had her celebration there.

Clare and helpers

Sean and Kieron:

  • Math
  • Latin — Quia and new saying
  • Greek
  • Read a page on Ireland from Dorling Kindersley Geography
  • both read the next section in their Faith and Life books.

Three more Roman mysteries by Carolyn Lawrence arrived from the library so they both read those.

Kieron read and narrated:

  • Patrick by Tomie de Paola
  • Next chapter in St John of Bosco
  • Bible History — about Jacob marrying Rachel
  • Story of the Romans — about the Sabine women

Sean read:

  • Legends of Chivalry
  • Celtic Heritage Saints — about Patrick (narrated a section)
  • Beowulf — Ian Serraillier version –read it all today.

We have all been taking turns shovelling the deck and Sean and Kieron both walked to the post office with Kevin today.

We did our weekly housekeeping yesterday.

I have not gotten back up to speed with Aidan yet. Since he is basically doing Kindergarten work it is probably enough to just talk to him and work informally, which is what we have been doing. He has been getting lots of mileage from his V Tech Phonics from A to Z, and has learned to pick out the vowels in a word (don’t know quite how he learned this but he has). WE did a little work in 100 Easy Lessons but he’s still about where he was. He has been on an “A” spree. That is, if you see an “A” written all over the back of someone’s dusty Suburban, or in the snow, or on a newspaper, you know it has to be him.
It has taken me a LOONG time to get over whatever-it-was that brought me down a couple of weeks ago. Saturday was the first day I felt close to normal. The state the house was in would be difficult to describe. The kids can manage the basic stuff but when I’m out of action there is a lot that doesn’t get done. Question to myself: Is this something that should concern me?

For Lent, we traditionally all give up something. ….examples, Sean and I gave up sweets. Brendan gave up checking on his message boards. In addition, I trim extras around the house — I try for simpler food, less screen time, less sugar, and in general try to do things the hard way a bit more than usual.

This year I managed to drape the religious pictures and statues with purple cloth — I try to do this yearly but sometimes don’t get around to it until Holy Week. I also made a Lenten calendar. Kieron puts stickers on it daily as we progress towards Easter. The picture isn’t the greatest but maybe it’s enough to give the idea.

Kieron couldn’t think of something to give up this Lent so I listed out several penances and prayers and such things on index cards and put them in a box so that he can draw one out daily.