Monday, April 20, 2009

more planning to plan and catch-up

I wrote a post on prayer and planning over here. Now that I wrote it, I actually want to DO it. So that's next on the list, besides helping Kieron get through the last part of Year 7.

Some more posts on planning, from 2007.

We slowed to a stop on Holy Week and are just picking up again now. .... everyone got sick and I was doing some house-sorting so we didn't stay on much of a schedule.

Kieron has been reading My Book House series, Winds of Light series, and something else I can't remember. Oh, yes, a "time" story by Andre Norton -- can't remember the title.

I read some of Pinocchio to Paddy -- I'm not sure how he liked it except that he kept saying, "Keep Reading!" I had never read the real story before and was surprised by the satiric tone, sort of like Cervantes, it seemed. Good Books always surprise me with their voice.

Paddy's also having me go through Winnie the Pooh again. We also read Dinosaurs before Dark... a Magic Tree House story. That is, he read it to himself and then I read it to him.

Aidan has been "reading" Are you my Mother? and Ten Apples up on Top! to me and then having me read them to him. By looking around the floor I can see the archaeological trail of puzzles he has been doing.

Today I hope to have an actual academic day even if it's somewhat slow.

I have it pretty well decided what we're going to do next year as I wrote here. But I think we are missing out a bit on interests. It's something I don't really know what to do about right now but I'm putting it here for consideration.

Also, since I was just whining about being sick and letting homeschooling slide I thought this was great timing. So how's homeschooling going?.... (you're still doing better than Miss S)

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