Sunday, March 29, 2009

Year 7 -- last lap

Year 7 Term III (word 2007)

Kieron and I have been dealing with fuzziness. It used to work for him to have me do a few things along with him and then jot down the rest on a piece of paper. Recently, though, that hasn't been enough. He gets lost in the day.... and so do I.

I decided to write out all that I want him to cover before summer break (subject to minor revisions). I gave him the whole thing on a clipboard and last week it seemed to be helpful. He still has his weekly Timetable (pictured on the sidebar) to refer to.

So over on the left side in gif form is this week's work. I have a section to "Carry Over" whatever he didn't get to the week before.

Above is linked the doc for the whole 9 weeks. If he keeps up he will finish in the first month of June. We'll see how it goes.

Next year he is going to do some type of Pre-Year 7.

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