Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Quote and a History of a Scientist

"The object of my school is to is to show how many extraordinary things even a lazy and ordinary man may see if he can spur himself to the single activity of seeing."

-- G. K. Chesterton, Tremendous Trifles

Nice quote, huh? I stole it from Dr Thursday's blogg.

Also, Dr Thursday blogged about Antoine Lavoisier and the importance of his discovery that respiration is a burning process. (If I am getting that correct).

We just got past Lavoisier in the Boy Scientist so I'm bookmarking this as a connection.

Another quote:

Lavoisier, the father of modern chemistry, went to the guillotine, crucifix in hand, a fervent child of the Church, at the bidding of ... the friends of "Reason" who declared, "Nous n'avons plus besoin de chimistes."

Or, "we no longer have need of chemists".

Nice, huh? more, here, if you can read French (mine is rusty)

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