Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 85: Stepping towards Ambleside

Quick note -- our first step back into Ambleside went pretty well.

I read to Kieron from This Country Of Ours by Henriette Marshall. I started on Chapter 46, because chapter 45 was about La Salle and the exploration of the Mississippi and we already read about that in Our Country in Story. So the transition went pretty smoothly.

Then I read him the first chapter of Johny Tremain, which is one of the free reading selections. I was going to have him read the rest on his own but now I don't know if I can give up reading it myself : ).

Paddy and Aidan listened.

Then I started Paddy on 50 Famous Stories by James Baldwin.... King Alfred and the Cakes. (Kieron and Aidan listened; Kieron remembered hearing the story before, of course).

So so far, so good. Very light work today, no extras. I've been slowly gathering all the books I can find that are on the booklist.

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