Monday, February 09, 2009

Aidan's Journalling 2

Embarrassing to show my messy printing, but I wanted to put up the kind of thing I try to do regularly with Aidan (he asks for this activity -- "Can we do a reading lesson?"so that helps me remember.)

He journals verbally in this way and I write it down (sometimes if he seems stuck I finish a sentence for him).

Then we read it back together. He reads the words he knows and I fill in the other ones, dragging it out phonetically so that he sees the phonetic connection since he already knows the sounds the letters make.

Then sometimes he wants me to draw a picture, or we write a couple of words together -- I guide his hand a bit because of his motor problems.

This time I was experimenting with putting some phonetic words on top to practice. Funny, I taught him those five words last year but he has forgotten them. This is a Throwing Marshmallows type of thing. The kid has to want to catch the marshmallow and be able to catch it, otherwise it just bounces off again. Since he usually has fun doing these things, it's probably not so much of a problem if they don't all stick. I think Charlotte Mason said that kids probably only permanently acquire about 10 percent of things they are given the opportunity to learn. This is why the learning itself has to be wholesome, not dried out and overprocessed, so they can take what they are ready for and are not harmed by the part they are not ready for.

My new thought is to save the sheets of paper and have him reread them. Right now they are scattered all over the house and in my various notebooks. If I saved them they would be a journal of his speech and his thought processes, plus he could read them over as he gets better at reading.

I really am working on that printing. You can see why all my kids have trouble with their handwriting. My husband is even worse than I am! Oh well... at least it's readable.

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