Saturday, January 31, 2009

Work Plan Year 1 -- February

I'm going to experiment with making some loose lesson plans and see how it goes. I want the plans to be a resource but if things are going along well without them, it's fine not to use them.

Year 1


Some of these are suitable for my Year 1 children and some are too advanced. ... this is just for ideas.


  • Work with Handwriting without Tears
  • Teach them one letter at a time "habit of perfect execution" -- include warm up time with brain gym infinity symbol.


  • Paddy read Literature Primer
  • Make story booklets with Aidan and also cards that he can match with real life objects.


  • Catholic Mosaic books.... one at a time
  • Nursery Rhymes (Aidan)


  • Look through art and game closet and find things they might be interested in. Set out trays. List these and particularly the ones they ask to do again. Possibilities: Watercolors, Junk Bag, Glue, Pattern Scissors.

Floor Time

  • At least once a day, get involved in something they are doing or want to do.

  • Squatting
  • Leg Lifts (Aidan)
  • Stretches (both)
  • Practice jumping.

  • Putting boots back properly.
  • Washing hands after using the bathroom and before meals.
  • Snack Center.

For me: Look at Faith's Montessori Trays and her Fridge Schooling ideas (adapt for younger children).

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