Sunday, November 16, 2008

Year 1 Resources

I made a few more card type things for Aidan and Paddy this weekend:

Addition Board (pdf)
Addition Cards (pdf)
cards up to sums of 10
Addition Tables (pdf)
table of questions up to sums of 12, to use with the addition board.
More or Less (PDF)
basically, cat counters
Sizes (PDF)
circles of different sizes -- Aidan was having trouble identifying "bigger" and "smaller" last year at speech, so I thought this might help.
Days of the Week (PDF)
hollow letters, for handwriting practice for Aidan or to use to put in order, or to use for a picture schedule for him (he loves talking about time).
Color Words(pdf)

Below, I'm making a list of links I found when I was searching for other things and wanted to remember for the future:

I've been here before, but there are some printables and downloads, including a literature-based science curriculum and a history curriculum, at Los Banos Homeschool. There is also copywork in different fonts.

While I'm listing links, I was trying to figure out Aidan's speech therapy and did some hunting for that kind of thing, so here are some more links. If Aidan masters position words, more or less, and does a bit of sequencing, he will pretty much have met the goals they set at the IEP last year.

Positional words and directions


General Speech


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