Thursday, November 13, 2008

Word Cards for Aidan

I made some word cards for Aidan. Paddy worked at them too. They are below in gif. They are short vowel sound CVC's, except for "eel" and "bell" and "egg" which Aidan wanted me to put in near the end since he knows how to read those.

Picture Cards -- pdf
Words for Picture Cards -- pdf.

Aidan helped me type in the words and then hovered around anxiously waiting for me to cut them. He is really enjoying all these projects. Later I am going to back them with posterboard and cover them with clear contact paper so they will be sturdier. I wasn't going to cut the pictures out, but he wanted me to, so I did.

Paddy did them too.

Next, I will try some sentence strips, and possibly sight word match-ups. . This might work well with the simple stories we were writing together during the summer.

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