Friday, October 17, 2008

Day 34

Morning Time

  • 3 chapters of The Blood Red Gauntlet (which is a book about Lepanto)
  • Charles V -- from Christ the King


  • Math -- worked for a long time on Angles and have basically finished Unit V from MEP. Lots of progress on this! he has learned a lot of the things that Sean only learned this year.
  • Latin -- 2 exercises -- 1 translation and one changing singular to plural in the 3rd declension.
  • Greek -- just a couple of Scripture clozes.
  • Religion -- more of Chapter 4 in Creed in Slow Motion.
  • Science Q&A on matter, atoms, etc. He did well.

On His Own:

  • Fra Fillipo Lippi from Knights of Art
  • I have given him The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper.

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