Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 30

Morning Time

  • Chapter of The Blood Red Gauntlet
  • Another section of The Tempest

(littlies were restless)

Year 7 (Kieron)

  • Latin, page 30-31 -- grammar (third declension accusative) and more vocabulary matches.
  • Greek -- review of vocabulary
  • Math -- lesson 4.2 -- dealing with money -- we did this as mental math.
  • Oral quiz on science concepts and vocabulary --- matter, elements, atoms, etc.
  • Free Reading: Starting The Jungle Book.

Year 1a (Paddy)

  • reading/religion: (we are working slowly through the Living My Religion primer) -- pages 16-17
  • Word Mastery -- "silent E", and some review drill on phonics.
  • Math -- plus-2s. He knows them pretty well and can do them in his head.

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