Thursday, October 09, 2008

Day 30 -- Conference

The problem for me with lesson plans and resource lists is that they shut me down. Just looking through a booklist or list of activities or even a narrative-type plan is overwhelming. The best tip I ever got about coping with this was by Wendi Capehart somewhere on the Ambleside Online site. She said that she ALWAYS writes her own lesson plans and page breakdowns, even if she is basically just rewriting what she got somewhere else. When I read that, I realized that there is something about the kinesthetic element in writing things out that helped me during college days with studying, and helps me now in sorting through what I really think is doable, vs what is just discouraging or what I can't get into.

Anyway, that's off the point, except that I am calling this the second "Conference" day. I will have Kieron do math and maybe Latin, but right now here is where it stands:

Morning Time:

  • Several more chapters of Despereaux.
  • Several chapters of the Shakespeare Stealer
  • Another section of Lamb's Tempest.
  • Another section of Christ the King, Lord of History (about Martin Luther) -- read and discussed.


  • Invented a study method for himself. His V Tech phonics board has a "word-making" game. You can put in any three letters. I was trying to get him to do his Handwriting without Tears book and then he started typing the words from the HWT page into the phonics board. He did this for quite a while.
  • Some oral math. I tried to get across the concept of "adding zero". Limited success.
  • Now he's asleep. He has that cold.
Paddy and Kieron

  • Playing with Bionicles right now, so I'm not interrupting them.
  • Kieron made cookies


  • ...gets to come home at four again.
Off now to write a weekly report. It will look thin this week except for reading, but hopefully back up to speed next week.

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