Monday, October 06, 2008

Day 27

Light day today, getting back into things after our trip.

Morning Time

  • Chapter 1 of Shakespeare Stealer
  • first bit of The Tempest (from the Lambs' Tales of Shakespeare)
  • A bit of Christ the King, Lord of History, on the Renaissance.
  • discussion (from questions he asked) about papacy, Spanish Inquisition, and the differences between Protestants and Catholics.

  • Copywork ("full fathom five my father lies... etc" -- he had to transcribe my cursive -- none of my children know how to read cursive so I thought I'd start teaching that)
  • -- 20 simple algebra questions -- he did great.
  • Read St Edmund Campion
  • Started reading The Cure D'Ars
  • Started reading The Gauntlet -- not exactly his time period but simple enough reading level so that if he doesn't read it this year it will probably be too young for him.


  • Trip to Library and market -- Kieron life skill practice in buying things there for me.
  • Kieron made cupcakes.... late birthday for me I guess ;-).
  • Clare is watching War and Peace after reading the book last month.
  • Weekly housekeeping chore rotation.

Other miscellaneous life events:

  • Kevin and Brendan went to the Patriots/49ers game on Sunday, in SF.
  • Sean won as JV qb on Friday, score 28-14 against Dos Palos, team at 2-2 presently.
  • Clare had her second bout of SATs on Saturday. Like a disease!

  • I'm going to try breaking up the log more like I did above. Aidan and Paddy are usually around during Morning Time as passive recipients, though I direct it mostly to Kieron's level. Our afternoons are usually more free-floating, as described.
  • Aidan and Paddy didn't really have formal academics, though Paddy has been reading a bit on his own and Aidan made shape cookies with playdough and played with duplos and with his phonics board.

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