Thursday, September 11, 2008

Week in Review #4

Because I have a little time this morning and am not sure if I will later, I think I will type my Week in Review a bit early.

Friday Day 11

Math -- dividing decimals
Logic unit -- MEP
Introductory Logic -- Supported Statements, ex 3
Latin -- Accusative Plural
Greek -- new vocabulary words
Read Aloud/Discussion -- Retelling of Don Quixote from CK5

Independent Reading

Aristotle -- underline main points
Dancing Horses of Acoma
He Went with Vasco de Gama


Start noting WHAT we discuss
He liked the MEP Logic
He disliked underlining main points
(for little ones) -- make visual aids for me to work with their lesson plans

Little Ones:

Stories for Paddy included The Greedy Man in the Moon, Frog and Toad (he read little bits of it himself), Tintin
Reading lesson with Aidan -- he also constructed words with letter box, and spelled orally to me.
He also browsed through MCP Math A and we did a bit of counting and adding.

MOnday Day 12

YEar 7

Math -- logic puzzles
Review of Logic, Greek and Latin (focus on Latin)
Read Bible History, discussed
Handwriting (short copywork)
Discussed Aristotle
Geography quiz online (North America)

Year 1

Short lesson with Aidan
OT came
Paddy -- reading Lon Po Po, Mouse Stories, Paddiwak and Cozy

My background work:

I printed out some California Standards to see if I could use them for goal lists.

Tuesday Day 13

(Power was out for most of the day -- a scheduled outage)

Listening -- Book of Virtues, poetry from CK 5 (Jabberwocky, The Eagles)

Logic -- read and discussed first part of section 4
Math -- dividing and multiplying by magnitudes (10, 100, etc)
Logic/Math -- Venn Diagrams

Started reading Boy Scientists
Read He Went with Vasco de Gama
Smoke Jumpers and Fire Fighters

(Get audio tapes from library for our upcoming trip)
Request Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde from library


Paddy is on a roll with crafts and he made "Pokeballs" out of paper, and I drew and cut out mythical figures from a Tallarico book for him to play with. His new thing is getting art project ideas from books we read.

I watched Wives and Daughters with Clare
Liam called and we talked about virtue and revelation
Geometry homework with Sean.

Wednesday -- Day 14

Tolstoy, HOw much Land does a Man Need? (Book of Virtues)
The Judgement of St Cecilia (drama, from Catholic National Reader #6)
Part of a poem (Terence, this is stupid stuff...) we didn't finish because Aidan had a meltdown.

MEP Math -- finished Logic section -- Kieron did not like the Venn diagrams so much as the tables.
Logic review, and ex 4 about relationships between statements
Greek -- new vocabulary.


He read The Princess and Curdie, and I gave him Puck of Pook's Hill
Division with decimals problems
Seward's Folly (about the Alaskan territory purchase)

Little Ones

Paddy did the Reading Rescue test -- he is just barely in Level 1 (made 3 mistakes but could read the selection pretty fluently).
I made a written list with Aidan -- he dictated and I guided his hand on the words. This seemed to be a good experience for him so we might try it again.

Today (Thursday, Day 16) I plan to continue much as we have done before. We're settling into a general routine -- listening to read alouds, then tutoring (I work with Kieron on Math, Greek, Latin, Logic etc) then independent study (usually reading with a couple of writing activities -- I'm trying to think of more actual writing things he can do on his own that aren't just worksheets).

The little ones' schedule isn't quite off the ground yet. I usually get in a phonics or writing or reading lesson, and Paddy is listening to a lot of different stories and often, as I mentioned, trying to devise his own related project.

Things that have been shortchanged are my afternoon project time and nature/outdoors time. As usual! What I shall probably have to do is start by doing these INSTEAD of either tutoring time or independent study time, until the habit is formed at least.

Next week I am going to go back to logging daily. I am not sure why, but I struggle with saving up the logs until the end of the week, even when I actually take notes day by day. It's more effective for me just to zip them off by the day.

We are up to Week 4 -- Day 16 -- already! And basically, more or less up to "full speed" with my YEar 7 student. Year 1 children can be considerably more informal in approach, but we are still doing enough so that I feel like I'm not neglecting their academics.

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