Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 16

Listening Time

We have been getting into a routine of read-aloud time during breakfast before getting into the more academic type subjects. Kieron looks forward to this, and Paddy listens to the stories as well. I have been reading mostly from the Book of Virtues at the moment, and I usually try to include at least a couple of poems. Today I read about Croesus and "Old Man Rabbit's Thanksgiving" and one about bringing sunshine which Kieron said he had heard before. IF I come to a story I think he might have already read, I ask him and it gives us a chance to do a "remote narration" (about a past reading) which is always interesting to me because my children tend to be more comfortable narrating things that they didn't JUST listen to.

I read some Hilaire Belloc poems to Kieron and Aidan loved them and laughed uproariously. I am going to look for some more.

Then tutoring time for Year 7:

  • MEP Place Value (supposed to be a review and indeed, he knew the material -- needs a bit of reinforcement with place value on the right of the decimal.
  • Greek p. 28-29
  • Latin p 23 exercise F -- about making singular sentences into plural, so we reviewed plural nominative.

Then his independent work, mostly reading:

  • Seward's Folly
  • He Went with Vasco de Gama
  • Fra Angelico from Knights of Art.
  • A decimal worksheet -- he has a week to do it -- I thought we'd try it that way.
  • For writing and art, more cartoons.

This afternoon I plan to give him a piano lesson and go outdoors with all of them.

I also am going over SAT practice with Clare, and reading Meno to Brendan and working with him on vocational stuff.

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