Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 22

So I am starting Week 6 and this was Day 22. That means we've been averaging slightly more than 4 days a week, which is not too bad.

I made chocolate applesauce bread this morning; it is definitely getting cooler during the days here. I was also digging through our coat closet for the seasonal changes and catching up on laundry after our brief spell without a washer, so we didn't get started until after 10 am. Meanwhile Kieron read Philip of the Joyful Heart.

Then for our rudimentary Morning Time:

  • Archimedes and the King's Crown
  • The Last Lesson by Alphonse Daudet, followed by a brief discussion on tyranny's usual first step of taking over children's education when it wants to oppress a people.
  • Then Sail On! Sail On!
Then I went and found Through the Looking Glass for Kieron which he had been asking me about.

  • Math: MEP 3.3 -- Negative Numbers.
  • Started Chapter 3 of Creed in Slow Motion -- about God the Father Almighty
  • Julius Caesar, part of Scene 2 Act 1 -- Cassius is expressing that Caesar is no better than anyone else, giving examples of how he had to help Caesar through a fever and a swimming expedition.
  • Greek vocabulary -- went over the words again.

  • Dancing Horses of Acoma
  • He Went With Vasco de Gama
  • Latin Review -- I gave him the Latin 1 sheet and told him to mark them according to whether he knew them, thought he knew them or knew he didn't know them.
  • Negative #s a few exercises. He seems to get this just fine.
  • was balky about his minimal academics.
  • Read another page of the Living My Religion primer
  • 3 pages of math (he seemed to enjoy that -- it is transitioning him to adding).
  • rhyming words -- rimes (at, cat, hat, type thing).
  • I read him Anansi and the Tiger.
  • read a few words
  • browsed through Math book.
  • Too restless to do much more -- we'll work a bit later. He did sit through the Morning Time and actually seemed to be listening to the stories, though he seemed to think THe Last Lesson was supposed to be humorous ;-).
Tonight is Sean's second football game!
(Sean had a geometry chapter test and a Spanish chapter test today -- we'll see how he does considering his nervousness!)

I read some more of Meno to Brendan -- about reincarnation and geometry, very interesting.

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