Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day 21

Can't believe we are on the end of Week 5 already.

Today was sort of a different day. The washing machine broke down so it was a priority to get it fixed, and the firewood guy called to say this was the day he was going to be up in our area. Since they were coming in the afternoon, Kevin and I rescheduled our semi-daily walk for the morning. And then Liam called, as well.

So we had our morning reading -- The Story of Scarface from Book of Virtues, and then Bruce and the Spider (a poetic version).

Then I set Kieron to do his independent reading while we walked:

  • Bible History
  • Dancing Horses of Acoma
  • He Went with Vasco de Gama
  • Usborne Book of Discovery pp 134-5 on Magellan and circumnavigation.
  • Later in the afternoon, we did some more graphing and a few division problems for math.
  • Then Greek -- reading vocabulary words that I found over here. Even though they are for Mounce and we aren't using it, there is a certain amount of overlap because all the koine Greek programs draw from a similar vocabulary for obvious reasons.
For Paddy and Aidan we did a sort of educational floor time. Aidan had found some 2-part puzzles with rhyming words and pictures that his grandma gave him for Christmas. Like, "bell/shell", "pen/hen", etc. So Paddy and Aidan and I did that and then Aidan and Paddy spent a long time spelling words on the V-Tech phonic board. Aidan can now "copy"words which is new -- the spelling words that the V-tech board gives him are all on the board, so if I prompt him a bit he can spell them by looking at the word. It sounds easy and indeed Paddy has been able to do this since he was four but it does require visual tracking and sequencing which are difficult for Aidan. He was so proud since he has been playing this game for years and this is the first time he's been able to succeed in this with minimal help.

Paddy is starting to voluntarily try to read things that he comes across in his environment.

Next week is review week and then a break for our family reunion. Can't believe we are already almost 1/6 through the school year.

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