Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 17

We had a rather loose day today. Kieron had made quite good progress this week so we sort of winged it. I read to him (a few poems -- he is getting to quite enjoy these!) and a few stories. Paddy and Aidan were restless and I am afraid I hurt Paddy's feelings at one point. Then he did a few division problems, and read 4 chapters of Francis Xavier. I read more of Creed in Slow Motion (finished chapter 2) and we discussed it quite extensively. I wanted him to try to write something and he wanted to make up his own alphabet. Dear Reader, I counted it as writing! Oh well, it was Friday.

I told him there was going to be a Latin quiz on Tuesday.

I guess these daily logs will probably be mostly about Kieron and a bit about incidentals. I tend to unschool the littlies, and the others are so much on their own lives now.

I have been reading Meno to Brendan. This serves a few purposes. #1 it helps me study for the Plato reading group I have joined. #2 it gives a proximate occasion to converse with Brendan. We are both introverts and that Leaning on a Truck thing is true of both of us. #3 It is a Tradition. I started reading to Brendan every morning when he was about 12 and it was a very good thing in many ways. We've been through Icelandic sagas, Paul's epistles, The Iliad, the Aeneid, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and the list goes on.

Clare overheard me reading and another literary discussion ensued. I never remember exactly what we talked about -- but it is always interesting. Clare is presently reading through the Bible (getting bogged down in Leviticus), reading War and Peace, studying German and studying to retake the SATs in early October.

Today, Sean is supposed to bring his grades for each class to the football coach... if he is failing more than one class he can't play in his first game tonight. It is so odd -- but then I dreamed all night about how he had F's and we found the teacher had mistaken him for someone else and we had to find the teacher and try to convince him he was mistaken before the game started. And Kevin dreamed we were trying to drive Sean to a game and he hadn't printed out a map so he was just driving. I am rambling now! it was funny that we both had nightmares about the area we personally felt a bit responsible for. I wonder what Sean dreamed!

The rest of the day will be quite full since we have our homeschool meeting and then Sean's football game.

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