Thursday, August 21, 2008

Week in Review 1

Kieron, Year 7:

  • Latin is Fun pages 6-16, with a bit of p 18 on agreement of adjectives.
  • Basic Greek pages 14-17
  • Math Review using Core Knowledge 5 -- Properties of Addition and Multiplication, review of place value up to billions, and rounding.
  • We Went with Magellan chapters 1-4
Patrick and Aidan, modified Year 1, each did a couple of lessons of phonics, and painted, and played with playdough, the feltboard, the pattern beads, and the cuisenaire rods.

Learning Highlights:

  • Starting! and finding out that Paddy can already read quite a bit.

Low Point:

  • Most of these involved meltdowns by Aidan over various transitions.

Needs Work:

  • Paddy and Aidan's sibling relationship (look for solutions); computer time.


  • I moved most of the school stuff upstairs in order to center our work up here more.


  • I talked about American Government and the Summa with Liam -- interesting!


  • Aidan, who used to be very scatter-brained, now puts things away neatly -- shoes in shoe rack, cell phone on recharging cord. Both the little ones do MUCH better about putting something back after they've played with it.

Focus, Theme:

  • Starting off the new year.

Independent Interests:

  • Kieron has been very involved in making sprite comics. Aidan has learned to use the cell phone camera and movie-maker.


  • The Assumption


  • Nature Walk yesterday, daily walks to the Post Office.

Life Skill or Work:

  • Changing jobs -- the little ones have taken over Sean's chore rotation.

  • I read Grandpa's Gift and Oats and Wild Apples to Paddy, and Kieron listened in.

A Photo Memory:

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