Friday, August 22, 2008

Getting Aidan's IEP materials up to speed for the year

A partial list of goals for Aidan. Yesterday I finally forced myself to go through all the paperwork from his IEP last spring (was it really that long ago?). Basically, I just looked through the listed goals, rewrote them a bit to make them more like my own, then typed them onto a form where there is room to write notes on HOW to work on the goals (as you see, haven't done that part yet).

Here is a blank goal form in doc. Also, these gifs with Aidan's goals, in docx too.

Also, I rather liked these sample IEP goals. ...the format, I mean, the way the problem is stated and then possible solutions listed, along with improvements made.

I have to write out occupational and physical therapy regimen, too. It is too easy for me to let those things slip, so writing them out gives me ownership and helps shortcircuit my rebellious instincts.

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