Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Year 7 Greek -- decisions, and my self-education

For Greek, I have to decide whether to continue with Hey Andrew, or go to a resource I've used with Liam and Sean -- well-liked by both of them -- Basic Greek in 30 Minutes a Day.

I haven't decided yet. But in order to decide, I think I will go through Basic Greek myself, this summer, and write out a handbook.

I also have Mounce and Machen, except that I am pretty sure Liam went off with Machen -- it was the book he used in high school to learn NT Greek. It worked great for him.

For this post, I need a geeky emoticon.

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  1. Not geeky at all Willa!
    My husband wants to learn Greek with the kids and I think they will begin with Hey Andrew as it has seemed a good and gentle beginning....