Saturday, June 14, 2008

Year 7 Course Outline (beta)

This is a second draft. It lists the books I am going to use and a few instructions, but I want to have a more detailed version eventually. The first-draft Middle School Scope and Sequence is here. When I get this finalized I'm going to upload it as a doc.

After that, the next thing I am going to do is make a comprehensive outline listing all the resources together.

I used this 12 year old curriculum from CM's School Education as a basic model (in these appendices is also a list of things a child should know by age 12 -- interesting). I've decided to try to have a CM year but a slow one. I'm going to focus on thoroughness rather than trying to zip through all this in a cursory way. Still thinking this through but I notice that Charlotte Mason would often only assign a few pages a term rather than trying to race through a whole book.

Religion 5 x a week
  • Bible History
  • Gospel of Mark. Teacher to prepare lesson beforehand, and to use the Bible passages in teaching.
  • Faith and Life -- The Life of Grace. (start discussing reasons for belief type issues)
Recitations. -- daily Repetition
  • Learn 2 Bible passages and 3 poems.
German. -- 1 x a week
Latin. -- 2x a week, plus review

Greek -- 2 x a week
  • Basic Greek
  • Build a dictionary

US History. 2 x a week
World History. -- 2 x a week
Roman History. 1 x a week
  • Plutarch
Geography. -- 4 x a week

  • Selections from All Ye Lands and Book of Discovery (perhaps some unit studies)
  • special reference to recent events; map questions to be answered from map and then from memory, and then in filling up blank map from memory before each
  • Know something about foreign places coming into notice in the current newspapers. T
  • Ten minutes' exercise on the map of the world every week.
  • An Atlas
English Grammar. -- 3 x a week
  • KISS
  • Daily Grammar
Music -- 2 x a week
  • Folk Songs, Catholic traditional music.
  • Classical music and musicals
  • Piano Instruction
Writing. -- 2 x a week
  • Choose and transcribe ten poems or passages
  • Latin and Greek Copybook
  • Handwriting -- go slowly
Drill. -- daily activity
  • Daily Activities
  • Seasonal Sports.
Dictation. -- 2 x a week
  • four or five pages a week of a subject from History to be prepared, a passage dictated, or, occasionally, written from memory. (perhaps using a Catechism of Church History)
Drawing. -- 1 -2 x a week
  • Twelve wild fruits on their branches, with background, in brushwork;
  • illustrations in brush-drawing from The Lady of the Lake.
  • Study and be able to describe the pictures from Faith and Life
Natural History. -- 2 x a week
  • Keep a Nature Note-Book.
  • Geology(mountains), with questions (use Core Knowledge? do a unit?).
  • Study animals and draw.
Botany. -- 1 x a week (or unit)
  • Local field guides
  • Record the finding of and describe twenty wild fruits. Specimens must be used in all botanical work. Observe all you can about the structure of various fruits (not edible), and about the dispersion of seeds.
  • Plant Life unit.
Physiology. 1 x a week (or unit)
  • ?? A few pages of an anatomy resource -- the human anatomy coloring book?? overlaps with health -- the Joyful Mysteries of Life.
Physical Science

  • The Boy Scientist
  • History of Inventions

Arithmetic. -- 5 x a week
Euclid. & Logic -- 2 x a week

  • Key to Geometry
  • First Geometry (here's one I haven't looked at much yet)
  • Introduction to Logic
Literature & Reading

  • History of English LIterature & list of readings based on that
  • Poetry should be read daily.
  • Catholic National Reader or Seton Reading Comprehension
  • (Comprehension Skills worked into Narration?)
  • Shakespeare, booklist of biographies and historical fiction etc (see below)
Composition. -- 2 x a week
  • Read on Thursdays and write from memory on Tuesdays (do this with Classical Writing; Aesop)
  • Composition Classical Tradition (resource book for teaching skills)
Work 2x a week, both on "open" day
(make up my own list including cooking, knitting etc -- these below in italics are examples from CM's School Education)
  • Attend to garden. Bent Iron Work, Make six models. SeIf-Teaching Needlework Manual
  • Make a baby's crochet petticoat with body part. Make a linen book cover, with design drawn and worked by yourself.
  • For illustrations for History, Geography -- look in DK type pictorial encyclopedias

Civics & Habit Formation 1 x a week, plus work into daily life (I am putting together a list of topics to work on)

  • Ourselves
  • Joyful Mysteries of Life
  • Current Events

Minimal Booklist:

Knights of Art -- read 3 times a week for first quarter
George Washington -- 2nd quarter
Westward Ho
Tales from Shakespeare

Free Reading List to follow (things for fun and context)

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