Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 86

Sean did his normal Greek, Vocabulary, Algebra , and readings.

  • This brings him up to the summary and review before the end of chapter 8 in Algebra, which is just before the midterm. So we are right on schedule there since we are just about halfway through the school year.
  • In Greek he just finished chapter 23 (page 110)
  • In Vocabulary he just finished lesson 80 (pretty close to right on schedule there).
  • In the Book of Discovery he is on chapter XVII on Marco Polo.
  • In Plutarch's Lives he is on page 55, which is starting Part II of Camillus.

We have been tanking on Latin as you know if you follow these day to day details.

I will update my chart sometime so there is an easy visual of where we are compared to where we ought to be.

Kieron has been sick the past couple of days so we moved ahead to the chapter on Geometry (easy stuff) and then we also do a bit of review every day. Today it was long division.

He is reading Minn of the Mississippi, and Thornton Burgess books, and I asked him to read Faith and Life but I'm not sure if he has yet.


Aidan and Paddy both did a reading lesson from 100 Easy Lessons. A big milestone in Paddy's life – moving him out to sleep with his brothers next week. Today we set up a bed out there. He is taking it pretty well.


I feel like I am starting to head the right way again. Even though we didn't actually DO anything more than the past couple of weeks I feel the momentum shifting. I shift gears like a big tank, I am afraid. I have just had to acknowledge that there is a lag between my forming of a resolve and it actually happening. By acknowledging that I can plan for it and hopefully be able to turn the momentum faster when I NEED to (like when Aidan gets sick and suddenly the future includes a stay in a different city – hasn't happened for a while but easily could with all his different issues).



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