Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Day 86

Yes, definitely I need to get around to planning. I remember this happening last January, too.

Sean continues to coast through his skeletal routine of Greek, Vocabulary, a couple of readings and then Algebra, where he spends the bulk of his mental effort. It only takes a couple of hours and because his mother hasn't arranged literature readings for him he isn't really reading much in his "off" times except for Redwall books and the like.

Kieron is basically just doing math and reading.

Sigh... and I am bored by their schoolbooks. That's why I need to focus some energy on planning. It really takes an effort of will sometimes.

I am thinking about doing something like this with him.

The little ones have been circulating happily through their educational toys -- letter box, pattern blocks, bead patterns, -- and it's all very well as background but it is not helping them progress.

Fortunately, my self-education efforts recently have inspired Clare and she is on a scholarly reading tear. She is reading Winston Churchill's The Gathering Storm.

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