Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 84 -- formal and informal

Oops -- I forgot to update.

Sean did the basic minimum today -- Greek, Vocabulary, Algebra and some readings.

(When I said something about the minimum he said indignantly, "Minimum???" He did have to spend over an hour on the Algebra).

We also had an impromptu literary discussion -- the teens and I. Sean can be very sharp. He did a compare and contrast of the movie and book versions of Scarlet Pimpernel. I recommend a book along with a movie version as a good way to develop high school literary analysis in an effective and informal way. But then we are movie people here -- I personally am not, but almost everyone else is.

The rest of the morning I spent baking cookies for the homeschool party this afternoon, and catching up on economics readings.

Then we went to the party and now I am baking a cake for Kieron's #12.

The kids are watching Music Man.

Clare and I talked about St Anselm all the way home. You know you are a geeky classical Catholic family when a mom and teenager both admit they spend time awake at night thinking about his proof of the existence of God "that-than-which-no-greater-can-be-thought" and wishing, wishing we could make that movement of the mind which would allow us to completely grasp the argument.

Clare is starting a bookshelf to write about her readings. She was inspired by this.... isn't Literary Retreat a beautiful phrase?

The little ones spelled words from a Doug and Melissa word box -- it is funny to hear your five year old say, "Mom, can we do some more of that spelling that teaches you how to read words?"

I was trying to think of a haiku encomium for my 19 year old this morning since every single morning I wake up and come down to find a full wood box and that is very wonderful, especially as he actually volunteered to take over the job for good.

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