Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 83

Today Sean did basics..... Greek, Vocabulary, Algebra.

Kieron did the next section of math on subtracting decimals.

So, not exactly a stellar day. They did well on the things they did do.

If these minimum basics get done, I usually feel like at least we're not slipping behind.

Oh, and they also did their twice-weekly housekeeping chores.

Kieron gets the day off tomorrow since it is his birthday, and we have our belated homeschool holiday party tomorrow too.

I am trying to get things organized since this is probably part of the sluggishness I feel -- that everything got put aside for the vacation and hasn't been picked up yet.


  1. Sluggish here also. Today I started grabbing stacks of papers and organizing them.

  2. Oh, that's a good idea. I was going to do that today but instead was baking and planning for a birthday party and a homeschool party. Hopefully this weekend.... I guess we are in it for the long haul after all.