Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Learning Log

Strewing works. I got those weather books from the library and pretty soon Kieron came up with one of them and wanted to try one of the experiments. So this evening he did it (it involved making steam come out of an empty soda bottle to show how clouds formed). He had trouble at first, and Clare ended up helping him.

Paddy asked a bunch more questions tonight as we read through Bible Stories to Read Aloud.

The older kids watched The Village (Sean hadn't seen it). Earlier, Mary Poppins was on regular TV and Aidan just LOVED it; thought it was hilarious. Aidan played with playdough this afternoon; we also made a puzzle together; and he found his brace and was SO proud he kept bringing it up all evening.

Brendan has been discussing plans for the future with me and has in general been more open and communicative (and restless too). I wish I was better at this mothering thing but I don't think parents have to be perfect to raise OK kids.

Sean weightlifted with his dad. It is interesting that he actually seeks Kevin out every other day to get him to spot him. In other words, he has internal motivation for this, for whatever reason.

Just a few things I wanted to note. I am trying to pay a bit of attention to the natural things going on around here. Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention that Clare and Sean have been on a Scarlet Pimpernel trail -- we have three of the books around the house and they have been reading those, along with Clare playing the Scarlet Pimpernel musical tunes from YouTube again and again. She continues to read the Aubrey/Maturin books too and comment on them as she goes.

Winter has such a nice pace. I don't know anything nicer than being snowed in, with a fire going, lots of books around, limited travel (only simple local errands where you meet the familiar local people), and projects in various stages of completion all over the place. By spring we're ready to be a bit more active, but winter, when Aidan's not sick, is definitely a delight (so far he has stayed healthy, Deo Gratias).

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