Monday, December 10, 2007

Day 71


  • Algebra chapter 7
  • Greek
  • Vocabulary
  • Discovery of New World
  • Stories from Virgil
  • Screwtape Letters


  • Math -- decimal place value
  • Writing curves -- focus on fluency
  • Read Christmas Supplement in Faith and Life
  • Greek
  • drew a dragon from the Ralph Masiello book... with Paddy watching admiringly.
I find that Kieron has read all of the Jesse Tree, plus most of Nicholas the Wonderworker, and the Glorious Impossible and the book on How Artists View Nature. So I went and dug out some more Advent-related books and put them in a basket to pull from during the next week or so. I will try to list them some other time.

Aidan and Paddy

  • Handwriting without Tears Letterforms
  • Numbers games (counting, adding, subtracting puzzle cards)
  • Drawing lines (from Kumon tracing workbooks)
  • I read Aidan some Bible stories
  • Paddy -- several books

Aidan's OT came and they did cranio sacral therapy and worked some more with the letterforms. Aidan has severe problems making diagonals and particularly, joining them. He can't make the lines go the right way even with a model in front of him, even if he gets to actually place the lines on the model. So we are working mostly on A's and N'.

The older boys went outside and sledded for a long time.

Then I took Brendan and Kieron to the library and the store. Brendan and Kieron bought a couple of things at the market, and at the library I got some books about weather and continental shifts, written for children, for Kieron's science focus this month.

Now they are upstairs playing a ball game.

I made some cards using these Advent Reflections for the Jesse Tree. I am trying to figure out a way to put them up but haven't managed yet. I have already made all the ornaments but Kieron wants to wait until we get the Christmas tree, to hang up the symbols. So for now I thought we could just have a sort of Montessori nomenclature-type activity where we match and use them as topics for discussion.

Clare got some Christmas music from the library to put together a CD for the swing dance over at the parish hall after Christmas. So we are listening to this now in the background.

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